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The right image for every marketing moment

The right image for every marketing moment. We combine data and AI to deliver targeted image recommendations and more, all via our platform and API.

Basically, what keyboards did for musicians in the 80s, we do for developers that need imagery to power programmatic creative. Skip the orchestra and get right to the music. As software makes more of the decisions about marketing, devs now need more than a search box and a few free images.

Shotzr provides access to 100x more imagery than Unsplash out of the box, including fully cleared image sources through our partnership with Getty, as well as a global, verified and compensated network of contributors of our own for social-side content. We also bring client, brand or agency provided content into the platform as needed.

We then use deep learning systems to provide deterministic metadata about all these images to plug into data-driven creative workflows and programmatic imagery needs.

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